Three Tools Your Garden Needs

Every house-proud homeowner will tell you that while his house is his castle, his garden is his sanctuary. A well-tended garden is more than just a delight for the eyes, it’s soothing for the soul too. While it is great to relax in an established garden, it takes a lot of hard work to get it to look that good. Having the right tools for the job will make that work a whole lot easier and quicker. Here are three pieces of equipment we think that every serious gardener should have in his shed.

Commercial String Trimmer

commercial string trimmerIf you’ve ever used a string trimmer then you know that they can be very effective when they work well. It can also be very frustrating if it doesn’t. The cheaper string trimmers may be fine for some simple edging but don’t have enough power for serious trimming.

They can get a little pricey but investing in the best commercial string trimmer is worth it. You’ll find that you will be able to trim those weeds and get a good edge going in far less time and with less effort than if you were using a cheap string trimmer. Your choices in this class of trimmer are limited to gas or battery operated. If you’re looking for a gas trimmer then you’ll need to choose between a 2-stroke or 4-stroke trimmer.

The 2-stroke strimmers are more powerful but they are noisier and give off higher emissions. The newer 4-stroke trimmers are still plenty powerful enough for most jobs and easier on the ear and environment.

Rear Tine Rototillers

rear tine rototillerA garden doesn’t only have to be attractive, it can be functional too. Growing vegetables or herbs is a great way to save some money on your grocery bill. Breaking ground for a vegetable garden can be backbreaking work, though.

The best time to plant your seeds and seedlings is in the spring. The problem with this is that the ground is often still very hard after a cold winter. Breaking this ground with a regular rototiller is going to be tough going.

You’d be far better off buying the best rear tine rototiller that your budget allows for. These are not cheap pieces of equipment but they make short work of hard ground. A good rear tine rototiller will be able to deal with hard ground even if it has rocks and roots embedded in it.

Again you’ll have the choice between 2 and 4-stroke options and in this case, you’re probably better off with a 2-stroke unit.

Log Splitter

log splitterIf you’re clearing land for the vegetable garden then you probably had to chop down a few trees. Now it’s time to process those logs into firewood so that you’re stocked up for the winter.

Sawing those logs into manageable lengths with a chainsaw is the easy part of the job. Now you need to split them. Splitting logs with an axe is way too hard if you’re looking to build up a decent stack.

You’re going to need a log splitter to get the job done quickly while sparing your back and hands. You get manual log splitters that do a fairly good job and these work ok for smaller runs. As soon as you’re looking to split a lot of logs then you need a gas or electric log splitter.

The gas ones are more suited for really big jobs where you’ll be a long way from a power outlet. The electric log splitters are ideal for the majority of the kind of logs you’ll be splitting around your yard. It pays to do your research though. Read the best log splitter reviews before making your purchase. That way you’ll be making a better choice.


Whether you’re just looking for an attractive garden or if you’re looking to reap some of nature’s bounty from it, these tools will stand you in good stead. They may not be cheap but they certainly are worth the investment. The amount of time and effort they’ll spare you will make you very happy that you added them to your collection of equipment in your shed. Take some time to do your research before choosing which one to buy. Also, take note of the warranty options that come with them. It’s always a good idea to buy an extended warranty when buying bigger ticket items like these.